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My name is Norm Sauceman. I am the President and Founder of the DHNA. In 1988, I was involved in an industrial accident. After 19 operations, I have 26 plates, pins and screws along with 6 bone-graphs, and a lot of pain. I soon realized that we with disabilities have a hard time accessing the outdoors. It then became my mission in life to make accessing the outdoors a reality for disabled hunters.

My Testimony:

We choose who we are. Maybe not who we have become; maybe not what was chosen for us by misfortune; but we can choose who we are from this moment on. When all the cards are dealt, we can either fold the hand or play with the cards we have before us. I chose to play, to become a champion. I chose to become a leader. To help and guide those who are deciding on whether they are going to fold or play on. Because I was once one who chose to fold. And almost never played again.

I have chosen to be somewhat a servant; to help those who ask for help from the heart, not the pocket book. I have no funds to give, just my time. Blessed be the givers for it is they who shall truly receive.

I created the DHNA as a non-profit/educational/informational organization dedicated to helping the disabled hunter. I help the disabled hunter connect with reputable outfitters to help them get into the woods for a great hunt. I am also in constant contact with manufacturers and giving input from the field to better their products for the disabled hunters.

The DHNA endorses most all types of hunting establishments, INCLUDING  reputable high-fenced hunting establishments. If it were not for reputable high-fenced operations, some disabled hunters would not be able to access the outdoors.

I have now had several articles published in hunting publications here in North America such as Buckmasters on-line magazine and Banta's Online Hunting Magazine for which I am very proud. You may read the articles I wrote when you browse my website. I am also a certified scorer for the Buckmasters BTR and the "Records of Exotics". I have appeared on a couple of shows including "Bushnell's Secrets of the Hunt" with Dave Watson and "The Tennessee Sportsman" with O'Dell Braswell. I am a member of the Pro/Field staff of most of the product sponsors listed on the product sponsor page. I am a moderator for Team Realtree and the Disabled Hunters forum for Bill Jordan. A special thank you to our our sponsors Innovative Sight and Sound of Tampa, our Birmingham AL sponsor Twist Technology, and our Los Angeles sponsor Audio Video Experts !


Keep up with the progress I make in my "Quest" by clicking here!!!

The QUEST! I hope to become the first hunter EVER in history to harvest an antlered Buck ( goal is a 120 + class - no less than a 6-point) from every State in the U.S. ! Keep watching for my progress! If you are an Outfitter/Ranch owner who wishes to donate a hunt to help me complete my "Quest", please contact me via email!!!


Mission: It is the mission of the Disabled Hunters of North America (DHNA) to evaluate and assist outfitters and manufacturers to better their products to accommodate the disabled hunters. It is also the mission of the DHNA to assist the disabled hunter with organizing their hunts and matching them with reputable outfitters, ranch owners and friends.

This organization does not insure the safety of the hunter to or from the hunting locations, nor safety at a hunt on or off the property of a participating outfitter. Nor do we guarantee the safety of knife sharpening products bought by members from participating manufacturers.